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Pete is excited to start college! He's buying textbooks…and whatever else grabs his attention! Pete spent $75 on a concert ticket to see his favorite band. Quite the social guy, Pete has made a lot of friends in college and goes out to his favorite pizza place often. Pete spent a week at the beach with his buddies for spring break. All the fun Pete's having is catching up with him—he's out of money! Pete started racking up credit card debt when his parents wouldn't lend him money. Pete made it to graduation—but along with his diploma, he has a lot of debt. Without a job lined up, he's worried about what to do next. Pete can't get approved to rent an apartment because of his debt and bad credit score.
Nate is studying hard to maintain his college scholarship—plus, he picks up food at the grocery store instead of spending money at fast food restaurants. Nate attends fun (and often free!) on-campus social events like concerts and movie screenings rather than spending money on expensive activities like ski trips and spring break. Nate is tutoring to get a head-start on paying back his student loan. Working just a couple of nights a week throughout college, he can pay off a significant portion of his loan! After Nate makes his student loan payments, he puts a portion of his earnings into a savings account—he can't wait to rent an apartment of his own after college! Nate is graduating with honors—and high hopes for the future! All of Nate's hard work is paying off, and he got a job! Nate's good credit score and savings means that he can rent a great apartment! By continuing the smart spending and saving that he learned through Lela, Nate pays off his student loan and is debt-free!
Graduation photo of Pete and Nate
Meet Pete and Nate—best buds. They just graduated from high school, and now they're off to college!

Pete spent this summer at the beach working on his tan. He's starting college with a high-interest student loan—he didn't know that Lela offers lots of resources that make college more affordable!

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Nate's headed to college with a great scholarship and a low-interest student loan! While he was in high school, Nate went to and got all of the information he needed to make college accessible AND affordable! He also works part-time and started saving money to help pay off his loan while he's still in college.

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How do you plan to pay for college?

How do you plan to manage your
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If you don't know yet, don't worry! Lela can help. We can help you balance planning for the future AND having fun. Taking a little bit of time to plan now will help you reach your goals later!

So start college on the right foot! Lela can help you learn how to manage your money and make smart decisions. Take charge of your financial future with these helpful links: