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                                                                              Summer Melt is a term used when intending college bound students fail to
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                                                                                    12 COMMON

                                                                                    FAFSA MISTAKES

                L OUISIANA ’S                                     1. NOTCOMPLETINGTHEFAFSA- If you don’t complete the FAFSA, you could
    CLASS OF 2019 FINANCIAL AID ACCESS POLICY                     2.    NOTUSINGTHECORRECTWEBSITE – The official FAFSA website is
                                                                      lose out on thousands of dollars to help you pay for college.
                                                                      Never pay to complete the FAFSA!
    LOUISIANA REQUIRES PUBLIC                                     3.  NOTGETTINGANFSAIDAHEADOFTIME – Create your FSA ID early to avoid any delays.
                                                                  4.    WAITINGTOFILLOUTTHEFAFSA – Some financial aid is awarded on a first-come,
    SCHOOL STUDENTS TO TAKE ONE                                       first-served basis so get it done ASAP!
    OF THE FOLLOWING STEPS AS                                     5.   NOTFILINGBYTHEDEADLINE– Each school sets its own FAFSA deadline so
    PART OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL                                          be sure to check with your school.
    GRADUATION PLAN:                                              6.    NOTUSINGYOURFSAIDTOSTARTTHEFAFSA – Sign in the FAFSA with your
                                                                      FSA ID to prevent common errors and for easier electronic signing.
         Submit the FAFSA at; or                        7.    NOTUSINGTHEIRSDATARETRIEVALTOOL(IRSDRT) – It is the fastest and most
                                                                      accurate way to enter your tax return information.
         Apply for TOPS; or
                                                                  8.    NOTREADINGDEFINITIONSCAREFULLY – Take your time to read carefully to
         Submit an opt-out Parental                                   avoid processing delays.
         Non-Participation Form or                                9.    INPUTTINGINCORRECTINFORMATION – Be sure to enter your full name as
         Letter; or                                                   it appears on your Social Security card and triple check your SSN.
                                                                  10. NOTREPORTINGPARENTINFORMATION – Dependency guidelines are determined
         Submit a Waiver through                                      by Congress, not IRS. Answer all questions on FAFSA carefully.
         the school system.                                       11.  LISTINGONLYONECOLLEGE – List all colleges you are considering even if you
                                                                      haven’t applied or been accepted yet.
                                                                  12.  NOTSIGNINGTHEFAFSA – An unsigned FAFSA is incomplete. Sign electronically
    Resource:  Louisiana Department of Education                      with your FSA ID which is faster than mailing a signature page.                                                    Source: US Department of Education Blog

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