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 [ TEN $1,000 SCHOLARSHIPS! ]                                                        FSAID.ED.GOV             OCT. 1

                       Start                        APPLY and be                 Create your FSA ID at   On or after October
                                                                                 Senior and Parent –
                                                                                                               1, 2018-Complete
                                                    for admission to
                                                                                                                    the FAFSA at
                                                   your top colleges
                                                                                                                      using your 2017
                                                                                                                       Federal Tax
                                                                                   SAR                                      (Recommended to
          Once accepted to                  SAR                                                                                    use the IRS Data
           the college, you
                                                                                                                                   Retrieval Tool)
           will need to set up
          your online account                                          Report (SAR) within 3-5 days
           via their website’s
                                           Review SAR
                                                                         Receive your Student Aid
 QUARTERLY DRAWING  student portal.        and make any                if provided email on FAFSA;     45d
                                             the FAFSA.
 [ FOUR $1,000 SCHOLARSHIPS! ]             corrections for             Signature Page for FAFSA.     A saved FAFSA
                                                                       2 weeks if you submitted a
                                                                                                    stays on system
                                                                                                     only 45 days!

                                                                 Some students will be
                       The financial aid office will post    documents to the Financial Aid                  AWARD
                                                              selected for a    process called
                        required missing documents in
                                                              verification. If   so, you will be
                        your student portal account so
                                                              asked to provide additional
                         remember to check it regularly
                                                             office to complete verification.
                            for important messages.

 FINANCIAL LITERACY                                                                                         notification
                                                                                                             of your
                              loan, you will be notified
 [ ONE $500 SCHOLARSHIP! ]    If you accepted a student                                                      Award.
                                to complete Entrance
                              Counseling and sign your
                               Master Promissory Note.
                               Remember to only borrow                                 Notification.
                                   what you NEED.
                                                                                         Accept, decline
                                                                                         or reduce the
                                                                                         financial aid
                                                                                       offers provided
                                                                                       in your Award

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