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        AT FAFSA.GOV


                            FAFSA ITEMS NEEDED
                                      FAFSA CHECKLIST CLASS OF 2019

                                          What will I need to file my 2019/20 FAFSA?

                                   FSA ID - Student’s electronic signature -       Records of untaxed income, such as child support
                                 create an FSA ID prior to FAFSA submission    received, interest income, and veterans non-
                                 at                             education benefits for you and for your parents if
                                                                             you are providing parent information
                                   FSA ID - One parent’s electronic signature - create
                                 an FSA ID prior to FAFSA submission at     Information on cash, savings and checking account
                                  Your Social Security Number                balances, investments including real estate but not
                                                                             including the home in which you live; and business
                                   Your Parents’ Social Security numbers if you are   and farm assets for you and for your parents if you
                                 providing parent information                are providing parent information
                                  Your driver’s license number if you have one    File your FAFSA at
                                   Your Alien Registration Number if you are
                                 not a U.S. citizen                                    QUESTIONS?
                                   2017 Federal tax information or tax returns including   CONTACT A LELA SPECIALIST TODAY FOR ASSISTANCE!
                                 IRS W-2 information, for you and for your parents if · (844) GO FAFSA/(844) 463-2372
                                 you are providing parent information
                                                                                        or (800) 858-8198


             Apply for the FAFSA at the official website      The student’s dependency status      Be sure to “View FAFSA Summary”
  Never pay to apply!    determines if the student will file the    before clicking “Submit my FAFSA”.
             The 2019/20 FAFSA will be available on   FAFSA as a dependent or independent   This is a final check for any errors
           October 1, 2018.  Tax information from   student. Read and answer all questions   before submitting.
           2017 will be used.                    carefully. Supporting legal documents       Print out and retain your FAFSA
             By completing the FAFSA, you are    may be requested.                     submission Confirmation Page.  Do
           considered for the federal Pell Grant,      The FAFSA should only be completed by   not delete the email notification from
           student loans, Work Study as well as the   the student and/or their legal parent(s).     Federal Student Aid.
           state-based TOPS program.             If parents are divorced or if there is any      Verification - If you are selected for
             The FAFSA takes approximately 20-30   unusual situation, review the link to   Verification, read all instructions carefully
           minutes to complete if the student and   definition of “parent” in this section on the   and provide all additional information
                                                                                       requested to your college. Your Student Aid
           parent have all of the required information   FAFSA.  It does not matter who claimed   Report (SAR) will indicate whether or not
           at hand.                              the student on their taxes.           your file has been randomly selected for
             Take advantage of the Help & Hints      FSA recommends using the IRS Data   verification. The SAR is typically accessed
           bubble on the right hand side of the   Retrieval Tool to electronically transfer tax   through a link sent to you by the U.S.
                                                                                       Department of Education after you file your
           screen for details on each question.  information into the FAFSA.           FAFSA. If you are selected for verification,
             You can begin your FAFSA, save it       For quicker processing, electronically sign   there will be an asterisk (*) next to your
           and return to it with your Save Key,    the FAFSA with your FSA ID instead of   Expected Family Contribution (EFC) figure
                                                                                       on your SAR. You will be notified by your
           within 45 days.                       mailing a paper copy.                 college’s Office of Financial Aid if your
                                                                                       application has been selected for verification.
       FAFSA WORKSHEET                                                                 Don’t give up! You are almost finished!
                                                                                       For helpful Verification information, visit

       Submit your FAFSA at                       Parent 1:  _______________________________________________
       Which school year are you   Save Key:  ___________    Parent 2: _______________________________________________
       applying for Financial Aid?   Your secret word or     (Mom, Dad or N/A) Be consistent throughout the FAFSA
       2019-2020 if enrolling in   numbers used to retrieve
       August 2019                 saved information         Date saved: _____________________________________________
                                                             (information will be lost after 45 days if not submitted)
       School Year: _____________  entered in your FAFSA
       If enrolling for summer 2019   NOTE:  FAFSA will stay   Date signed by student: _____________________________________
       semester – contact college   saved for only 45 days if   Date signed by parent:  _____________________________________
       financial aid office.       not submitted             Date submitted: _________________________________________
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