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        HOW TO USE

                                          It’s as easy as                !


         Lela has created this Workbook just for you       to help you in successfully submitting your Free Application for Federal
         Student Aid “FAFSA.”      Your Workbook includes great tips and resources, but best of all, an easy 3 step FAFSA Completion
         Process. Follow the 3 steps below very carefully and keep your Workbook in a safe place since it will include personal
         information. If any questions       arise as you are working toward submitting your FAFSA, please call     Lela’s
         FAFSA HELPline at (844) GO FAFSA / (844) 463-2372. Baton Rouge area students and parents may schedule an
         appointment      for one-on-one assistance at Lela’s College Planning Center.  (see back cover for contact information.)

           STEP 1: FSA ID                       STEP 2: FAFSA                        STEP 3:
                                                                                     REGISTER TO WIN
            Create your Student                 Complete your FAFSA                  A $1,000 FAFSA
            and Parent FSA IDs at               at                         COMPLETION

                                               The FAFSA is a FREE application.      AT LELA.ORG

           You and one of your parents         Never pay to apply!     You will      Once your FAFSA is successfully
           (if you are classified as a dependent   most likely be submitting the     submitted, you may register for
           student) will each need an FSA      2019/20 FAFSA. If you plan to         Lela’s $1,000 FAFSA Completion
           ID username and password which      attend the summer 2019 semester,      Scholarship drawing.    Lela

           serves as your electronic signature   please contact your college         will award $10,000 in scholarships
               on the FAFSA. See page 4        to inquire if the 2018/19 FAFSA will       monthly from October

           for FSA ID Helpful Hints and        also be required. See Page 5 for a list   through May.     See Page 6
           instructions including a handy      of items needed to file the FAFSA     for details on Lela’s additional
           spot to record your notes.          and for important Helpful Hints.      scholarship
                                                                                     opportunities and
                                                                                     for great scholarship
                                                                                     search resources.
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